Metaspatial offers consulting and management services in the digital domain with special expertize in Agile, Open Source and Geospatial. Consulting is based on communication.


Communication is more than just talk. With our background in Open Source collaboration we adopted remote communication tools right from the start. We already used IRC on a daily basis in crucial projects at the end of the last millennium way before Slack became commonplance or Mattermost was available as an on premise solution. We were part of the rise of the Wikis and did the long walk through code versioning systems from CSV through Subversion to Git. We populated SourceForge in the early days, went through GitHub and love FOSSIL for its simplicity and privacy in heterogeneous distributed and secure environments.

Nonetheless we will want to talk to you first to actually find out how we can help you.


The consulting workflow usually consists of a series of meetings (in person, video call or phone), starting with a non committal talk. Given there is mutual interest in a collaboration we propose an in depth meeting to learn about your objectives. This will typically involve a light analysis of your organizational structures to identify the more obvious blocking points. Depending on the results we can then either directly propose a solution architecture, technology stack, team set-up, or go into a series of in-depth workshops to further explore your options, including benefits, risk, cost and a realistic timeline.

Please feel free to contact us.