Software Development and Implementation

Metaspatial provides agile project management services with the right tools for your specific work flow. We have experience with adapting Scrum to your needs and mix and match with Kanban and XP practices as needed. We have two decades of experience developing Free and Open Source Software tools and implementing complex architectures.


Scrum is best described as the planned way to be agile. Agile approaches and planning do not exclude each other but are complementary, the planning process becomes dynamic. This does not result in unpredictable chaos but - done the right way - it means quite the contrary: Management will have full control of every aspect of the project throughout the entire lifetime. This is a lot more than conventional planning can offer.

The whole point of agile software development is to make work plans more realistic. Especially in complex IT systems it is very difficult to align design, features, functionality, quality assurance and operations. Planning all of these aspects up front is simply impossible. Therefore Scrum implements short iterations of concentrated work. The shortest iteration in work is one day. It is complemented by two or four week rhythm feedback loops. This is best described in a diagram:

Read more about the basics of agile thinking in the legacy but still totally valid "[Changes are unavoidable]()" article published in 2013:

Scrum for the Enterprise

While Scrum works best for small teams of 5 to 9 members, it does not scale so well when several teams work in parallel. By implementing a Scrum of Scrum team with the Product Owners we have successfully managed up to 30 developers in 5 teams. This includes the whole workflow from requirements collection, UX, testing, docs, deployment and operations. Beyond 30 people and in one-year-plus scenarios it is advisable to add another layer of management like proposed in SAFe.

While SAFe is a good framework, one size does not fit all. Therefore we tailor SAFe by taking the best parts of Agile, XP and Kanban and implement the right tool set to get your business up to speed.


Agile is just an empty shell if not applied with the right mindest and at all levels of an organization. Therefore we want to add a word of caution right at the beginning:

If you start to go Agile, there is no way back!

There is no other way forward either, so you better get going anyway... :-)

Hosting Services

Hosting is not our core business. However, we are also aware that "normal" hosting mass providers do not suit every use case. Metaspatial provides installation, maintenance and operation of bare-metal servers physically located in Germany. We host special services for the membership corporation Ngakde e.V.. We also operate the SmartMapping development server of the AdV and Map Services for SplashMaps.

Our tailor-made server solutions for special applications that do not exist "off the shelf" are offered with Hetzner Online GmbH infrastructure and United Domains AG services.